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Mangart pass slovenia mountain road helicopter view


Having a great time together was the goal of the weekend. Even that the weather forecast didn't look very positive and promising. It didn't matter, the stage was set, the route was planned, hotel was booked. No way to pull back. 

Driving historical cars in perfect weather conditions is easy and everyone can do it. But using those cars when rain, thunderstorms, cold weather and sunshine are coming together is much more interesting and challenging. 

Two generations of Porsche 911's started their engines early Saturday morning, a 1974 Porsche 911 G-Model coupe in cockney brown and a 1987 Porsche 911 G-Model in cassisred.  


Rain kicked in immediately after we started our journey from the south of Bavaria into Austria and further into Italy. The trip was scheduled for more than 350 km leading us via Kitzbühel, Lienz, Lesachtal, Plöckenpass into Italy.


Weather turned better and rain was replaced by sunshine when we drove up Pass Thurn. Once we passed Passi di Croce Carnico into Italy we further drove via Sella Cereschiatis to Pontebba and further on into Slovenia where we arrived in Kranjska Gora late afternoon.


And the heavy rain came with us!


Will the cars be re-starting the next morning? 

two historical Porsche 911 Coupe cockneybrown cassisred in front of church at Pustertaler Höhenstrasse
cockneybrown and cassisred Porsche 911 frontview
cockneybrown 1974 Porsche 911 G-Model Coupe and cassisred 1987 Porsche 911 G-Model on Mangart road slovenia in front of tunnel
two historical Porsche 911 cassisred and cockneybrown mangart road slovenia

Early morning wake up call on Sunday. Heavy rain outside. Not the weather we were expecting. We decided to wait until the rain got less before starting the engines.

Will they start at all with all the humidity outside? 

Another hour of waiting and having coffee on the terrace, before the rain almost stopped.


Let's get on the road.


The 1987 Porsche Carrera started without any problems, just by turning the car key. Now, let's see if the the cockney brown 1974 Porsche will get back on duty as well. 

No surprise, typical Porsche, the car started without any problem. We were ready to drive up Vrsic Pass the highest pass in Slowenia. The road is made cobblestone and was built by russian prisoners of war between 1915 - 1916. 

From there further west, our two historical cars climbed up Mangart road, a spectacular road up to more than 2000 meters. The length of the road is 12 kilometer with 17 hairpin curves and 5 tunnels. It was just built in 7 month from April to October 1938. 

We said good bye to Mangart and to  Slovenia and drove back to Italy and via Passo di Pramollo (Nassfeld) back into Austria. 

Final stop on the tour was Grossglockner (, which is always a highlight.


Late Sunday afternoon, there was almost no traffic. Weather was very good, sunshine, some clouds, but no rain. 

After a short stop-over at Kaiser-Franz-Josephs Höhe we drove further up. The higher we got the more the weather started to change. Slight fog and rain at Hochtor (2.504 meter above sea level).


Driving thru Hochtor towards Zell am See the weather got worse. Almost no view, heavy fog, maximum 50 meters of view.

But driving Grossglockner in perfect conditions is what we have done several times before. The good thing was that there weren't any other cars. 

After coffee and Apfelstrudel at Edelweisshütte (2.571 meter above sea level) a great weekend came to an end. 

The two generations of Porsche 911 were reliable partners over more than 750 kilometres during two days. 

cockneybrown Porsche 911 Coupe cassisred Porsche 911 Coupe at Parkplatz Fuschertörl Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse
cow chasing cassisred Porsche 911 coupe on Vrsic pass in slovenia
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