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Swizz cowbell
San Bernardino Pass


After three times Italy and once Austria in 2019 we finally did the step into Switzerland. Switzerland was always a concern for some of the group members because of the very strict speed limitations and expensive speeding tickets. 

After having done the most iconic mountain passes in Italy and Austria, it was just the natural and most logical move to explore the Swiss Alpes and iconic and legendary roads.

Not every member of the group finally joined, but we had a pretty diverse lineup of 10 Porsche at the starting line. 

Switzerland is definitely worth a trip because of the closeness of iconic roads, the iconic mountains and the perfect quality of the roads. For some of us it was the first time in Switzerland and they were overwhelmed by the scenery. 

As usual we had a Wednesday start and drove via Bodensee towards the north of Switzerland. On Thursday the excitement started....

10 Porsche at Nufenenpass
Klausen Passhöhe
The gang
Lineup at Sustenpass
Porsche 912 Porsche 914 Porsche 996 Turbo Porsche 964 Porsche Targa Porsche 997 Porsche Turbo

From Thursday morning onwards it was just one highlight after the other. Starting the day with Klausenpass (1948 meters), followed by Sustenpass (2260 meters), where some very inspirational Porsche promo videos were filmed (

From the top of Susten down to Innertkirchen and straight  up to Grimsel (2164 meters), a quick detour to the summit of Furkapass (2429 meters), coffeestop at Rhoneglacier, the origin of the river "Rhone. Further south, down the Rhonevalley to Ulrichen and up Nufenenpass (2478 meters) before we reached Airolo. 

From Airolo we were heading north using the famous "Tremola" which is the original cobbled road up Gotthardpass (2106 meters). Finally down to Andermatt, where we stayed overnight and had some great swiss food. 

Friday morning, another beautiful day with blue sky and lot's of sunshine. Before leaving Andermatt the famous stagecoach passed, which is used for tourist tours between Andermatt and Airolo.

Our tour lead us via Oberalppass (2044 meters), where the origin of the river "Rhine" is, to Disentis and further south crossing Lukmanierpass (1915 meters), passing Biasca and reaching Bellinzona. This marked the most southern point of the tour. 

From Bellinzona we climbed up San Bernardino pass (2066 meters), before reaching Splügen. Last high alpine road for the day was Splügenpass (2114 meters), heading into Italy, where our overnight stay was in the beautiful city of Chiavenna. 

After an italian night Saturday morning we started the journey driving back to Switzerland. We drove Maloja pass (1812 meters), passed Sankt Moritz and drove up Berninapass (2235 meters). From there back to Sankt Moritz and up Albulapass (2312 meters) towards Davos. 

From Davos via Flüelapass (2383 meters) to Susch and from there up Ofenpass (2148 meters) to Santa Maria Val Müstair. Next high mountain pass on the list was the highest alpine road in Switzerland, Umbrailpass (2501 meters), which brought us straight on the Stilfserjoch mountain road and back into Italy. 

We climbed Stelvio (2757 meters) and drove down the 48 hairpin curves to Sulden where a fantastic day with unmatched driving experiences came to an end. 

On sunday, last day of our journey, we were heading north and Timmelsjoch (2509 meters) brought us back into Austria and from there straight home. 

And by the way, the concern of speed limits and speeding tickets didn't apply at all. We actually never saw a police. 

Historic Porsche at Tremola
Ibex at Nufenenpass
10 Porsche at Sustenpass
Gasthaus Berninahaus
Porsche parking
Morning coffee break
Grimselpass - Furkapass
Porsche 964 Porsche 912
Smiling faces at Sustenpass
Porsche 996 Turbo Porsche 912
10 Porsche @ Lago di Luzzone
Albergo della Posta Monte Spluga
Afternoon break Albergo della Posta Monte Spluga
Historic ski's and pictures Albergo della Posta Monte Spluga
Messer Mountain Museum Sulden Yak&Yeti
Porsche 912 at Stilfserjoch north bound
Stilfserjoch Porsche
Timmelsjoch Porsche
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