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blue sky after the thunderstorm

Südtirol Curves 2015

Insprired by the books of Stefan Bogner (@curvesmagazin) and the spirit of driving narrow mountain roads with the 911. A group of 6 Porsche enthusiasts came together to do this first road trip. The ambition was to only use air-cooled 911's but due to the fact that not everyone owned a air-cooled we allowed one exception. The gang consisted out of three 911 G-Model Targa's, one G-Model Coupe, one 964 Coupe and a 997 Coupe. 

We planned a 4 day road trip from Thursday to Sunday, with approximately 1.500 kilometers in total. 

On the tour we passed in total 15 alpine passes including Timmelsjoch (2509 m), Stelvio (2757 meter), the the second highest pass in Europe, Gaviapass, parts of Sella Ronda and finally on the way home Großglockner. 

San Zeno di Montagna
Porsche 911 at Gaviapass
Passo di Gavia (2.621 m) - second highest pass in Italy, Porsche lineup
morning coffee break
Porsche parking at Stilfserjoch
Lago di Garda
Strada dell'Alpini
Passo Manghen
Porsche gathering at Timmelsjoch
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