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Stilfserjoch south bound, Porsche parking


Italy again! Don't they have other countries to go to?

Honestly, Italy is one of the best countries, probably the best country for sports car drivers to go to. Why?

It's quite simple, Italians love cars, they love sports cars, therefore lot's of people get excited when they see a group of sportscars, even the police did wave when they saw us.

That's why 2018 our end of July journey lead again to Italy. 11 iconic Porsche's started the tour actually in Imst, Austria. From there we drove via very small country roads and across Reschenpass into Italy. 

South of Reschenpass we did a short detour towards Val Mustair and up Umbailpass (2503 meters), the highest pass in Switzerland. Umbrail directly leads into the south ramp of Stilfserjoch, and further south to Bormio. 

Next on the list was Forcola di Livigno, but before we arrived there, we drove up Passo di Fraele, with it's 17 very narrow hairpin bends. This road is a dead-end road we just drove up and down to enjoy the bends. 

After Passo di Eira (2208 meter) and Passo di Foscangno (2291 meter)we finally arived in Livigno. From there across Forcola di Livigno (2315 meter) into Switzerland. 

Forcola di Livigno hit straight into the south ramp of Bernina Pass (2330 meter). From Bernina back into Italy to Grosotto, where we stayed over night. 

Porsche 911 line-up
Porsche 911 S
Porsche 911 S on Umbrailpass
Red Porsche Porsche 911 Targa on Umbrailpass
Frontview of Porsche 964 wimbledon green
Porsche G Model Targa on Stilfserjoch southbound
Porsche chasing
Dinner with the UNIQUE 911 DRIVING Team
Porsche on curvy narrow country road
Porsche Line up in Italian village
Porsche 911 getting ready to fire up the engines

The Friday stint was 223 kilometers and brought us further west, driving small passes like Passo del Vivione (1828 meters), Passo del Presolana (1297 meters). We passed San Pellegrino and San Giovanni Bianco. 

From there via Passo San Marco (1992 meters), which was without any doubt the highlight of the day. Almost completely empty, not too narrow and fluent curves allowed a fast drive up and an even faster drive down to Morbegno. 

From there towards Lago di Como, where we stayed in a nice Hotel at the Lake. 

The saturday leg is always the most challenging, either because the amount of passes to be managed or the simple length of the day trip. This time 309 kilometers where ahead of us. Leading us back east, first alongside Lake Como, second via different roads hitting San Giovanni Bianco. Further via San Pellegrino and along Lago Endine towards Breno. From there straight up Passo Croce Domini (1892 meters), towards Lago di Idro. 

When driving up Passo Groce Domini we were hit by an heavy thunderstorm and heavy rain. Driving was almost impossible. The rain flushed rocks down the road and we had to drive very carefully. Unfortunately one of us lost control over his 964 and hit front and back into rocks. No major damage and most importantly nobody go injured. The car was damaged, but still able to drive. 

From there north until we reached Madonna di Campiglio, our place for the night, where the atmosphere after one car crashed was not the best....

Sunday, final day. Always a long way to get home. From Madonna di Campiglio via Mendelpass (1363 meters) towards Bozen. Further north thru the Passeiertal and Jaufenpass (2104 meter) to reach Sterzing. Up to Brenner, not using the  Autostrada and down to Innsbruck using the historical Brenner Bundestraße. From there via Seefeld, Mittenwald and Munich back home. 

Lake Como
Porsche Targa
Porsche 996 Turbo in motion
getting ready for the 2018 Italia Curves tour
Porsche 911 S during heavy rain
Cars with a view
Preparation is key
Porsche 964
Porsche 964 chasing Porsche 911 Turbo and being chased by red 964 Coupe
Gasthaus Post Vorderriss
Porsche 911 hijacking italian village
Iconic Porsche 911 frontview
Porsche 911 line-up
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