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In 2017 we decided to go back to Italy, where we started our journey with "Südtirol Curves" in 2015. This time the roadbook brought us more towards the eastern part of north Italy. 

We started our tour actually in Austria just at the beginning of Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse, which we drove early morning without major traffic. 

Heading further south, via Plöckenpass to Italy. Final destination for that day was Belluno, which we reached via lots of small curvy country roads.

Friday morning we started early because of more than 200 kilometers ahead, with the highlight of Passo San Boldo. Especially the south ramp is spectacular because of it's five hairpin tunnels at the sheer rock walls. The street was built in just 3 month, that why it also called "Road of 100 days".

Another highlight that day was Passo Brocon before we arrived in Castello Tessino for our next stopover.

The next day started with another superior curvy country road, from Foza down to Valstagna, which is the training course of the Italian Rallye Team. That road was actually not part of our tour, we just took a short detour, drove down and straight up again to continue according to road book. Our final destination for today was Aldein in the Dolomites.

Last day brought us down to Bozen and via Penserjoch to Sterzing. From there via Brenner Bundesstraße to Innsbruck and back home.

Porsche 911 red squad
Gang on Grossglockner
Porsche 964
Passo di San Boldo
Briefing break
View over Lake Zell
Objects in the rear-view-mirror may appear closer than they are
Porsche 996
7 Porsche 911 line up in Timau, northern Italy
Passo Brocon
Porsche 911 line-up
Car cleaning of Porsche 911 G-Model Targa
Hotel Lampenhäusl Fusch
red Porsche 911
Car stickers
Porsche G-Modell and Porsche 964
Porsche chasing eachother
the only way is up
Porsche 911 G-Modell Targa at gasstation
Espresso break after hours of driving curves
Strada dell'Alpini
Porsche 911 on tour in Italy
Porsche 964 in the garage for repair
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