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Grossglockner High Alpine Road
1968 SWB Porsche 912 in front of Mankei hut at grossglockner hochalpenstrasse
helicopter view of Edelweissspitze with snowcovered mountains in the back


One of the most famous roads in the Alps. With a length of 48 kilometers in total and 36 curves the road reaches it highest level at 2.504  meters (Hochtor). The highest point which can be reached by car is 2.571 meter above sea level at Edelweisshütte where you can enjoy stunning views on the surrounding mountains. 

Another great place for a coffee or more is "FAT Mankei" ( which is located at Fuscher Lacke at 2.262 meters above sea level. This is the place where Sportscars gather for great talks and meeting people with the same passion. 

The best time to enjoy the Glockner experience is in the early mornings, where the road, the lights is very special and magical to enjoy sunrise.

I'm driving Glockner a couple of times every summer, because it always special and if you are lucky you will see members of the Porsche family enjoying the experience of their great cars. 

During the week the pass is also used from a lot of car companies to test-drive prototypes. 

Below you will see lots of visuals from magic moments, hopefully you will understand the special myth of the road and you will have the chance to discover it by yourself, best using a Porsche sportscar.

1969 SWB Porsche 912 slategrey in front of snowwall grossglockner hochalpenstrasse
Grossglockner High Alpine Road southbound