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empty road at Col de L'Iseran (2770 meters) with mountains in the back


It was a blast! We heard a lot about the french passes and the scenery, saw lots of pictures in magazines before. However discovering it in reality confirmed everything or generated even more excitement. 


6 days of driving, more than 2500 kilometres, countless magnificent curvy roads and passes, great food and great hospitality - all in all a fantastic road trip and not the last time to go to France!


The journey started in Martigny, in the south of Switzerland. The tour to the starting point was already stunning. Fluelapass (2383 meter), Oberalppass (2044 meter), Furkapass (2429 meter) and the Rhone valley further south before reaching Martigny early evening. 


From there the next morning it was just a few kilometers over Col de la Forclas (1526 meters) into France and towards Chamonix, with the Mont Blanc (4808 meter), the highest mountain in Europe and the Aguille du Midi (3842 meter) which can be reached from every tourist by cable car. 

The first day was a rather relaxing one, with just a bit over 200 kilometers and just 8 passes to drive. With lot’s of sightseeing, coffeestops and great french food we arrived in Landry in our Hotel.


Day 2 increased the excitement as we started to drive some of the well known passes of the french alps. We drove the highest Mountainpass in Europe, Col de L'Iseran (2770 meter). From there further south adding Col de Telegraphe (1556 meter), Col de Galibier (2645 meter) and Col du Lautaret (2057 meter), all well known Tour de France legends, before arriving in La Salle Les Alpes. 

red historic Porsche 911 in front of Col de L'Iseran sign
Six historic aircooled Porsche 911 on top of Col de la Bonette
red aircooled Porsche 911 G-model targa at summit of Col de L'Iseran France Chruch in the back

Friday, the most challenging day! Almost 460 kilometers. Famous passes like Col d'Izoard (2360 meter), Col de Vars (2108 meter), Col de la Bonette (2715 meter) and Cime de la Bonette (2802 meter) - highest reachable point by car in Europe! 

It required an early bird, 6 am departure, no breakfast, just a lunch box for everyone. It was the right decision, no traffic at all, no bicycles, no RV's, no motorcycles, no other cars, just us and the open road and the fresh air of the early morning. 

6.45 am Col d'Izoard, 7.30 Col de Vars and 8.40 am we arrived at Cime de la Bonette. This was a run, we managed to even have a short breakfast stop in between. Different to the Roadbook we decided to drive Bonette down and back via Col de la Couillole (1678 meter), Col de Valberg (1673 meter), Col de la Cayolle (2326 meters), Col de Ropes (1430 meter), Col de L'Holme (1207 meter), Col de Parquetout (1437 meter) and finally Col den Ornon (1350 meter). 

At the most southern point of the tour, we were just 64 kilometers north of Nice. This fact started a debate via the walkie-talkies, if we should not take a quick coffee at the mediterranean seas.... the group was even close to separate, 2 cars going to further south, the others heading up north. 

We finally stayed together and arrived in Les Deux Alpes.  Happy, but exhausted after a total trip duration of 11.5 hours where 9.5 hours were pure driving.  

Saturday, last day in the mountains before heading home. Start in Les Deux Alpes, first stop Alpe D'Huez, further north via Pas de las Confession (1542 meter) towards Col de Glandon (1924 meter) and coffee stop at Col de la Croix de Fer (2067 meter).


Before heading up Col de la Madeleine (1993 meter), we took a quick detour to Montvernier, which can be reached via Lacents de Montvernier, a legendary 17 hairpin road straight up the rocks, which was quite often part of the tour de France. 

After Col de Madeleine, only 2 passes left, Col du Petit St. Bernhard (2188 meter) and the Great St. Bernard (2469 meter) which brought us from Italy back to Martigny, the end of the tour. 

We finished the day and the tour with great italian food and red wine on the italian side of Great St. Bernard. When daylight was already gone, we started the decent into Switzerland. Almost 380 kilometers, 9 hours of pure driving, combined with 4 hours of coffeeshops, lunch and dinner was a good formula.

Another fantastic road trip in Europe came to an end. It was our first time in France, but definitely not the last. I was stunning. Great high alpine mountain roads, unbelievable scenery, great food and hospitality. 1300 kilometers on mountain roads and almost the same on Motorways to get to France. 


27 passes in 4 days! It was worth every kilometer! 

smiling Team France Curves 2022 at La Bonette (2802 meter)
Table d'Orientation de la Bonette
Helicopter view of Col de la Bonette
statue of holy st. bernard with mountains in the back
helicopterview of road up to montvernier
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