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Father & Son, Porsche 912 & Porsche 996


It’s always the dream of a father when kids share the same passion. My son Philip is sharing my passion for cars, also for historical cars. 


In later summer of 2021, we did an early bird to Grossglockner, one of my famous high alpine roads in the austrian alps. We had to get up around 4 am to manage it on time to reach the entrance at toll station „Ferleiten“ around 6 am. This guarantees an open road and sunrise at an altitude of 2500 meters. 


I drove the 1968 SWB Porsche 912, the oldest car I own, with the flat 4 engine, carburetors and 90 hoursepower. Philip drove the newest 911 in our garage, a 21 year old Porsche 996, the first water-cooled 911 with 300 HP. 


Quite an interesting line up, but still featuring the identical DNA of the Porsche 911, even being 32 years apart. 

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